The importance of being a dreamer


Been thinking a lot lately about what it means to have dreams and most importantly to believe in them. The more I think about it the more I realise the importance of being a dreamer.

First of all dreams keep you motivated and make you look forward to the future. Therefore dreams make you feel young.

Dreams are basically ideas in your imagination.The imagination is where all creative thoughts are born. Whether you’re writing, drawing etc it all starts in your imagination before it becomes reality. That means that dreams help you remain creative.

When you feel young, creative and gull of energy you’re basically feeling happy right? Well at I do. Having dreams and believing in them makes me happy and I think it’s the same for many other people too.

So next time one of those so-called ‘friends’ advises you to stop dreaming just tell them no thanks. Actually don’t even reply, guess they don’t deserve your attention after all. Just ignore them and keep dreaming! 😉



A different kind of blog for today. I’ve always found theatres to be very interesting and inspiring. Especially when they’re old, beautiful, have a bit of history and red seats. I mean isn’t the Opera Garnier in Paris simply the most impressive building (inside and out) in the world?!! I sure think it is!

Here are some (just a few because if I wanted to include all of them this post would be endless LOL) of my favourites:

Inspiring Illustrations

The second blog is about one more illustrator whose work I consider to be absolutely classic and that is Jean Jacques Sempé. The way that his illustrations brought to life the characters of the Petit Nicolas books is simply amazing!

Here are some of my most favourite illustrations of his.


The New Yorker covers are incredible!! Truly inspiring artist!

The Amazing World of Beatrix Potter

Since I didn’t have time to blog yesterday I’m coming back with two (yes! two!) posts today. Their both about illustrators whose work I admire enormously. The first one is about Beatrix Potter. Need I say more?! Her illustrations are true classics, her characters relatable and adorable and her work is a true inspiration.

Pre-Christmas Part Two

As I’ve mentioned yesterday my pre Christmas blogs will be all about inspiring, heartwarming illustrations. Pictures that never fail to make you smile. Here’s another classic illustrator whose work is truly fascinating: Tibor Gergely. No further introduction needed as his illustrations along with the Little Golden Books are true classics.

Pre-Christmas Part 1

In the run up to Christmas I always tend to look at some cosy, heartwarming illustrations that are sweet but not too sweet or at least not fake sweet.  Classic illustrations that make me smile. Like Susan Wheeler’s for example. Always loved her use of colour and the narrative that is so clear in her pictures.


A new illustration that I’ve finished today: 

I think I might have a bit of an obsession with drawing air balloons but that’s alright LOL

Flowers (again)

Yup it’s no big secret that I love flowers! They make every place look better. They’re a source of inspiration and I just couldn’t help but blog about some incredible flower illustrations.


Click on the pins to find out who are they illustrators behind those images 🙂